Strategic Planning

Looking for a Strategic Planning Facilitator? 

Let us help you! 

Our Approach - We take the team approach to strategic planning to empower and align your team with your strategic plan.

  • Step 1— Free Assessment: We offer a complimentary call to assess a mutual fit between your needs and our offer.
  • Step 2— Before the Session: We review any and all Business &/or Strategic Plans done in the past. We conduct a survey and 1:1 interviews with your team to develop a baseline understanding of where you are at, what everyone's priorities are, and use this information to maximize the value of your sessions to bring alignment, unveil the uncomfortable yet very important topics to be discussed openly.
  • Step 3— The Strategic Planning Sessions: Our facilitator will structure and lead the meeting using our exclusive process, tools, and framework, to get your team aligned on common goals and an executable action plan to move forward.
  • Step 4—After the Session: After the session, we will provide you a written plan and work with you to operationalize your plan successfully.

How do we do it:  

  • We help organizations answer three questions: "Where are we at?", "Where do we want to go?", and "How do we get there?"
  • We facilitate conversations between management teams to get to the core of what's important.
  • We help organizations identify and focus on the right measures (KPIs) and activities.
  • We create action plans for moving forward.
  • We provide actionable advice and an objective perspective on your issues.

Why work with us:

  • We provide alignment, clarity, and direction with our detailed strategy development
  • Focus on Value & Experience: We know the benefits that you will receive from working with us and we price ourselves fairly.
  • We appreciate working with your organization and we do our best to adapt ourselves to your culture and speed. We make a point of making strategic planning enjoyable as well as valuable.

Our BIG Promise: To deliver the absolute best in terms of expertise, value, and impact by delivering an actionable strategic plan and not just a plan document.

Investment: We believe in the Value approach to Strategic Planning versus Cost and hence we do not work on an hourly rate. We work on fixed fee contracts so our clients are aware of the investment from the get go and the focus for both parties are experience and value, not the clock. At the Step1 free assessment call mentioned above, we would provide you with the ballpark investment amount and upon approval present the formal service agreement. Contact us now!