Financial Projections

Business Plan Financials

Many entrepreneurs are very comfortable writing about their ideas, product and services, marketing SWOT etc however, not so comfortable with preparing financials. If you're one, don't worry, our Business Plan Financials service offers a complete set of business plan financials designed to refine the business plan you’ve already started writing.

If you're writing the business plan to raise funds either via banks and lending organizations or from investors, you know that they want to see your numbers - how much you need to get started, i.e. capital requirement, how much you need in operating expenses, what is your cost of good sold, what is breakeven point, the cash flow statement, balance sheet, income statement etc. Basically, how your business will make money and more importantly how you will get their money back to them.

Let us help you with our experience of having written hundreds of business plans and financials. We'll develop a full set of financials and some additional schedules**, give you all the tables and schedule in excel so you can change and update in future as needed, and deliver your financials to you in an in-person session* to show you how those financials work and how to use them. This live session helps you immensely as now you know your numbers and can confidently answer the investors or bank as well as make informed decisions based on numbers.

Investment: $1499/- Only and approx 8-10 business days

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**Full set of financials and schedules include:

  1. Startup Capital Requirement Table
  2. Operating Cost Schedule
  3. Market Size Schedule
  4. Proforma Balance Sheet
  5. Proforma Income Statement
  6. Cash Flow Statement
  7. Break Even Schedule
  8. Loan Repayment Schedule
  9. Key Assumptions Table